The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) celebrated its second Northern Affiliation ceremony September 21, 2022 with the Nunatsiavut Region, in Hopedale, Labrador. Ship affiliation is a time-honored naval tradition that endures for the duration of a ship’s service life.

At the heart of the affiliation between PCU Margaret Brooke and Nunatsiavut are the connections and relationships that are made between the people within the community and the associated ship, its crew and Command Teams.

Throughout the next several years, the RCN will work with the Inuit Nunangat during routine operations in Canada’s Northern waters. This will create solid partnerships that generate pride in both the ship’s company and the communities they will represent. Each ship’s company will work with community members, local leaders, and engage with local schools, youth groups, to build relationships based on respect, mutual understanding, and shared experiences.