Following the Queen’s passing and the ascension to the throne of King Charles III, all commissioned RCN vessels are now known as His Majesty’s Canadian Ships and Submarines. This also applies to Naval Reserve Divisions across the country.

Units and establishments that use the “HMC” prefix must also update their names. So, the dockyards in Esquimalt, B.C., and Halifax are now both known as His Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard. Queen’s Harbor Master is now known as King’s Harbor Master.

It should be noted that these changes only apply in English. Due to differences in grammar in French, there is no change.

In correspondence or information for publication, personnel should immediately start using the name change.

As of sunset on the day of the Queen’s funeral, September 19, all official photographs of the Queen were to be taken down. The official portrait’s location is to remain empty until such time as the King’s is made available, which could take some time.

Official acts, orders, regulations and instructions, such as Queen’s Regulations and Orders, shall not be changed until these are changed officially by the appropriate authority.

Further direction will be provided for changing such things as signs and placards.

Photo by Lt. Edward Early USN