OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) is pleased to announce it has been contracted to deliver a Fleet Wide License for the next generation of ECPINS to the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) Fleet, Shore establishments and the Belgian Navy (BN) frigates.

“We are honored that RNLN and BN will be amongst the first users of ECPINS 7,” stated Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO. “ECPINS is at the heart of all OSI solutions, and as the most advanced WECDIS available, the RNLN and BN will have the most advanced navigation system available.”

The Fleet Wide License allows both the current and new ECPINS versions to be rolled out over an unlimited number of RNLN surface ships, submarines and shore establishments.

Denial of satellite-based navigation through jamming or spoofing the GPS signal is an increasing threat to navigation. To counter this threat, ECPINS features unique submarine-proven GNSS-denied and 3D visualization capabilities, ensuring continued safe and accurate tactical navigation.

“Globally, ECPINS is operational in 25 Allied and NATO navies,” stated Jim Davison, Vice President, Business Development. “Our GNSS-denied technology operates on eighteen classes of submarines and offers a formidable tactical punch to the capabilities of surface and subsurface vessels.”

ECPINS was the first WECDIS independently certified against WECDIS STANAG 4564 and continues to be fully compliant with the standards. Further, being sensor agnostic, ECPINS offers flexible system integration and architecture in retrofits and new builds while delivering optimal tactical performance.

The signing of this contract further strengthens the strong relationship of OSI with the RNLN, BN, NL Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), RNLN Naval Academy, and the RNLN Maintenance and Sustainment Agency (DMI).