HMCS Montreal and MV Asterix departed Halifax March 26, 2023 to Indo-Pacific Region.

In November 2022, Canada is increasing its annual naval deployments in the region from two to three frigates, and the deployment of this additional frigate from the East Coast will boost our presence, particularly in the Indian Ocean.

During her deployment, HMCS Montreal will be supported by Naval Replenishment Unit Motor Vessel (MV) Asterix, also based in Halifax. Two other Canadian frigates are set to deploy to the region on later dates.

HMCS Montreal, with an embarked CH-148 Cyclone helicopter detachment, is the first East Coast frigate to deploy on Operation PROJECTION in the Indo-Pacific region. During the deployment, the ship will work in close coordination with partner and allied nations maritime forces, promoting peace and stability in support of the rules-based international order.

In addition to Operation PROJECTION, HMCS Montreal will also participate in Operation NEON, Canada’s contribution to multinational efforts to monitor sanctions imposed on North Korea by the United Nations Security Council.