The third of the C.N. sisters, PRINCE ROBERT was purchased in Dec 1939, and fitted out as an AMC, commissioning at Vancouver 31 Jul 1940.

She left in mid-Sep for patrol off Mexico and Peru, and on 25 Sep 1940 intercepted and captured the German freighter Weser. On 15 Dec 1940 she left Callao, Peru for Australia to act as escort to a Canada-bound troop convoy, and in May 1941 returned to the South Pacific for three months’ escort and patrol duties under RN control on the New Zealand Station.

She left Auckland on 28 Jul 1941 for Easter Island to investigate reports of a Japanese supply ship in the area, and arrived at Esquimalt on 24 Aug 1941 for a short refit. In Nov she escorted a shipload of ill-fated Canadian troops to Hong Kong and on her return rejoined Esquimalt Force.

In Aug 1942, PRINCE ROBERT was placed under USN control for duty in the Aleutians, arriving back at Esquimalt on 04 Nov 1942. She was paid off on 02 Jan 1943, for conversion to an auxiliary A/A ship, and was re-commissioned on 07 Jun 1943 at Vancouver, leaving Esquimalt 12 days later for the Clyde via Bermuda.

In Nov 1943, she was assigned to Gibraltar Command, Mediterranean Fleet, and employed as A/A escort to U.K.-Sierra Leone and U.K.-Mediterranean convoys.

Though reassigned to Plymouth Command in Jan 1944, she remained at the same duties, and from Jun to Aug 1944 escorted Mediterranean convoys. In Sep 1944 PRINCE ROBERT left Plymouth for Esquimalt, and upon arrival underwent a refit that lasted until Jun 1945.

She left Esquimalt 04 Jul 1945, for service with the British Pacific Fleet, arriving at Sydney, Australia on 10 Aug 1945.

On 31 Aug 1945 PRINCE ROBERT entered Hong Kong, where her commanding officer had to honor to represent Canada at the surrender ceremonies, 16 Sep 1945.

On 20 Oct 1945 she arrived at Esquimalt with repatriated Canadian prisoners from Hong Kong, and on 10 Dec 1945 was paid off and laid up in Lynn Creek, B.C. Sold in 1948, she became the merchant vessel Charlton Sovereign and, in 1952, the Italian-flag Lucania. Lucania operated in the Grimaldi fleet from 1951-1962. She may have been broken up in 1962.

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