People who live in and around the Halifax area will have a new, environmentally friendly, high-speed ferry service for travel between Bedford and downtown Halifax.

The Province, along with the federal government and Halifax Regional Municipality, announced today, March 4, a joint investment to build the Mill Cove Ferry Service, which will include five electric ferries, two terminals and a maintenance facility.

“This project addresses road traffic in the area and helps us plan for future population growth,” said Environment and Climate Change Minister Timothy Halman, on behalf of Public Works Minister Kim Masland. “The new ferry route will also encourage people to use public transportation and help us meet our climate change goals by using fast zero-emission electric ferries.”

Rendering of proposed Mill Cove terminal

The new ferry terminals will be net-zero – one at Mill Cove, and the other will replace the aging Halifax ferry terminal. A bridge will also be built over the CN rail line in Bedford to connect buses, cars, pedestrians and cyclists to the Mill Cove terminal.

This project aligns with the Joint Regional Transportation Agency’s Regional Transportation Plan. The agency is taking a regional approach to growth by looking at the safe, efficient and coordinated movement of people and goods.

The Province will contribute $65 million, the federal government is investing $155.7 million and Halifax Regional Municipality will provide more than $38 million

By Editor