The federal government has awarded a $450-million contract to Thales Canada Inc., in a joint venture with Thales Australia Limited, to provide in-service support for the CAF Minor Warships and Auxiliary Vessels (MWAV) fleet for 5 years, with options to extend the contract for up to 19 years. This contract will begin in July 2023.

The CAF MWAV fleet comprises approximately 100 vessels from 24 different classes, including the Kingston class Maritime Coastal Defense Vessels, Orca-class training vessels, tugs, dive tenders, research vessels, range vessels, and auxiliary support barges and vessels. This contract is essential for ensuring the CAF fleet remains operationally fit and includes the flexibility to increase or reduce the number of vessels serviced in response to changing operational needs.

This procurement process was conducted under the repair, refit and maintenance pillar of the NSS. The contract will provide significant economic benefits to the Canadian marine sector. Thales Canada Inc., in a joint venture with Thales Australia Limited, will subcontract work to small and medium shipyards and enterprises across Canada, including in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Quebec.

The NSS is creating jobs in Canada’s shipbuilding industry and marine sector, and providing members of the CAF with the equipment they need to continue their important work. Contracts under the NSS are estimated to have contributed approximately $21.26 billion ($1.93 billion annually) to Canada’s gross domestic product, and created or maintained over 18,000 jobs annually between 2012 and 2022.

By Editor