To further advance its shipbuilding capabilities, Seaspan has begun construction on a new Land-Based Test Site (LBTS) at Vancouver Shipyards that will integrate and test vital ship communications, navigation, and other electronic equipment prior to being installed on vessels. Seaspan is the first shipyard in Canada to co-locate this facility within the shipyard and marks another investment in driving efficiency in Seaspan’s shipbuilding capabilities.

The new $4.8-million facility will play an important role in Seaspan’s work under the National Shipbuilding Strategy including a dedicated antenna tower and platform that will enable our team to conduct design development, systems integration, and test and validation work for the electronic equipment onboard the Polar Icebreaker and Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPV) that Seaspan is building for the Canadian Coast Guard.

“Seaspan is focused on driving improvements to our capabilities and building capacity and expertise as we build a long-term, sustainable shipbuilding industry. Our teams are constantly finding better ways to accelerate new solutions that deliver efficiencies, reduced cost and shorter schedules for our customers,” said Martin Edwards, Chief Program Officer at Seaspan Shipyards. “We are pleased to expand our in-house capabilities, which enables us to explore future shipbuilding opportunities and continue to invest in the long-term success of Canadian shipbuilding.”

The facility is being built within the shipyard, adjacent to the existing building at 50 Pemberton Avenue and will be upgraded with new lighting and HVAC systems to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Construction on the LBTS is expected to be complete by the end of this year, with testing of equipment to begin early in 2024.

By Editor