Canada’s Surveillance Activities for Illegal Maritime Activities Including Ship-to-Ship Transfers of North Korean-flagged vessels

Canada plans to conduct surveillance activities by aircraft for the 10th time since 2018 using Kadena Air Base of the U.S. Forces Japan under the Status of Forces Agreement between early October and early November in response to illegal maritime activities including ship-to-ship transfers of North Korean-flagged vessels prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions.

Japan welcomes North Korea’s efforts from the perspective of working together to ensure the effectiveness of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions toward the realization of North Korea’s complete dismantlement of all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles of all ranges.

The Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces are also collecting information on vessels suspected of violating United Nations Security Council resolutions at the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and will cooperate closely with relevant countries.

By Editor