The Naval Ammunition Depot Bunkers, consist of 22 partially-buried concrete bunkers grouped along a winding linear access road approximately two miles west of downtown Kamloops. Located on a flat bench at the edge of a steep escarpment, the site is adjacent to an industrial area on McGill Road. Each structure is comprised of a windowless one-story concrete storage space, entered through steel entrance doors and enclosed, to the full height of the storage space within, by earthen blast protection walls.

Planning for the depot began in 1943. It was intended to store bulk explosives for the western command of the Royal Canadian Navy and stocks required for the British Fleet, to meet operational and practice requirements for the Pacific Fleet by maintaining stocks of ammunition for immediate issue, and to repair, manufacture, modify and inspect ammunition stores and components. The depot was constructed by the Vancouver-based Dominion Construction Company Limited, but by the time it opened, the threat of invasion was non-existent. The depot was used as back-up storage for ammunition expended in fleet exercises. The depot was declared surplus and closed in December 1963.

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