Ahead of the 2024 NATO Summit in Washington, NATO commissioned a public opinion survey across all 32 NATO member countries. The survey asked over 30,000 respondents to share their opinions in several areas, including support for their country’s NATO membership, commitment to collective defense of their country’s Allies and agreement with increased defense spending. Overall, support for NATO remains strong, as does support for increased defense spending.

A majority of Allied respondents continue to agree that their country should defend an Ally if attacked (63 per cent), and 70 per cent would vote for their country to remain a NATO member in a referendum.

Support for maintaining or increasing defense spending stands at 76 per cent. Support for increased defense spending continues to rise, and is the most frequent spending preference response (41 per cent).

Favorability towards Russia and China remains low, with most Allied respondents holding unfavorable views of Russia (62 per cent) and China (48 per cent).

As in previous pre-summit surveys, questions were included regarding Russia’s war against Ukraine. Around two thirds of Allied respondents consider Russia’s war against Ukraine to have affected the safety and security of their country (63 per cent). There is substantial majority agreement among respondents that their country should continue to provide support to Ukraine (61 per cent).

By Editor