Irving Shipbuilding, The Royal Canadian Navy and Bronswerk Group conducted cold and warm climate sea trials aboard AOPS HMCS Harry DeWolf and AOPS HMCS Margaret Brook (Spring & Summer of 2022.)

Trials included the builders trial, Arctic trial and Warm Weather trial.

Bronswerk also provided training to the Royal Canadian Navy on Bronswerk supplied systems.

The Arctic trial happened between Baffin Island and Greenland. The warm weather trial took place around the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Key West Florida.

Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships are designed to sail under an outside temperature of -29degC to 35degC.

Martin Tremblay, of Bronswerk Group was lead Automation Technician for both sailings.

Martin was there to ensure all Bronswerk supplied equipment worked as per design, and to conduct temperature/humidity measurements in all compartments on the ships.

The purpose of the cold climate trial aboard AOPS HMCS Harry DeWolf was to identify any condensation on ductwork, and to prove Bronswerk’s equipment could keep the ship at the required humidity and temperature level. The temperature trial consisted of three temperature/humidity readings of all compartments during the span of a single day.

The warm weather trial required the same temperature readings be taken in all compartments, however in tropical conditions the tests involved the chilled water system under full load and the fridges/freezers system. AOPS chillers and cold store refrigeration systems are also designed and manufactured by the Bronswerk Group.

“Some of the highlights of these two trips included making new connections and friends. The Navy crew were very personable and ready to learn all about our systems. The client, Irving Shipbuilding, was equally supportive during the trials. All of us onboard learned from each other and enjoyed our time together.

We got up close and personal with a polar bear in the Arctic, we saw lots of different sea life including whales, sharks and pods of dolphins during our Caribbean trial.

Bronswerk gives me the opportunity to do many different things. I get to interface with clients, offer my expertise in a training capacity and travel. I enjoy the dynamic nature of my position at Bronswerk Group.”

As part of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, Irving Shipbuilding is building six Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships. Bronswerk Group has been selected as the preferred supplier of offshore HVAC-R systems for the AOPS Fleet.

By Editor